The importance of school spirit.

Posted by Patrick Giles on 7/22/2019

Do you remember when you were in high school and you bled your high school colors? You may have known a school phrase that gave you and your classroom friends the courage to succeed in the face of adversity. Sometimes it was used at the football field or on the basketball court. It could have been used as a greeting or as an act of encouragement before the BIG exam.

The administration at East Jefferson High School sure know the importance of a good, strong statement for any precarious situation. "Be a Warrior!", in everything you do.

Be a warrior!

To boost student morale and camaraderie, the Print Shop created posters and banners for every hallway and building to bolster one simple maxim. The administrators want every student to be a person who is aggressively, courageously, or energetically involved in an activity that will positively impact their lives in the short and long term.

You can work with the Print Shop to help encourage your students to take up your battle cry as well. Contact Karen Richmond to help add some school spirit.

Be a warrior!