$1500 Scholarship for College Bound Seniors from the Metro Club

  • All college bound seniors are eligible for an opportunity to win a $1500 scholarship to be used at the college of their choice. The essay contest is sponsored by the Metro Club, and the topic is: “My First Vote” Preparing for that Big Decision.
  • Requirements for Essay

    The Metro Club

    1. Essay must be on topic and stay on topic.
    2. Essay may not exceed 500 words.
    3. Essay must be signed by Senior Student on cover page.
    4. Essay must be signed by Senior Advisor/Counselor on cover page.
    5. Deadline: Submitted by March 18, 2020
    6. Essay must have the title at top of the cover page. The title can be on the essay
    7. Student name and school should be typed at top left corner of the cover page.
    8. Please do NOT put any identifying names (student or school) on the actual essay.
  • The entry deadline requires the essay is postmarked by March 18.
  • Contact: Carolyn Van Norman - 504-349-7742