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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognized our Hispanic community in schools and their heritage by spotlighting them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


Magnolia Muriel

As an ESL Parent Liaison at T H Harris Middle School, Magnolia Muriel supports our Spanish-speaking families with any help they may need. Magnolia emphasizes how important National Hispanic Heritage Month is because she wants not only to be able to share her experiences and traditions but for her community to learn about the different cultures. 











Nael Gonzalez

To recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month, Nael Gonzalez at L. W. Higgins High School says it's important for others to learn about the heritage of Hispanic countries to immerse themselves in different traditions. As a senior, she is excited to graduate with hopes of becoming a nurse to help Hispanic families in the medical field and in her community.

I love celebrating Dominican Republic's Independence Day because I get to have my favorite food, Sancocho.











Adriana Torres

Adriana Torres has been a PreK paraprofessional at J.J. Audubon School for 22 years and loves to teach her students about her Colombian culture. Every day she continuously learns more about herself through her students, and she hopes to impact her students in the same way. 










Jenny Coffman

ESL paraprofessional Jenny Coffman plays a vital role in the Hispanic community at Thomas H. Harris Middle School . She supports our Hispanic students who know little to no English by translating assignments and classwork. This month she has celebrated her Ecuadorian culture and other cultures around her classroom to shine a light on this celebratory month.

What I miss most from Ecudaor are the beautiful Andes Mountains and the music that comes from that area