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Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

To celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we recognized this community in schools and their heritage by spotlighting them on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook


Amy Gillissie
To recognize and celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we will be spotlighting various teachers, students, and support staff that are doing great things in our schools.
Since Amy Gillissie was a kid, she has always wanted to be a teacher. Being able to live out her dream has brought her so much joy in the classroom at Harry S. Truman.
She is proud to share her Filipino heritage with her Kindergarten students whenever possible. Her hope for this month is to bring awareness of her culture to teach others and the importance of it. One of her favorite holidays that is mostly celebrated in her culture is Christmas! In the Filipino culture, family is most important and Christmas brings the entire family together.

Cynthia Nguyen 

Cynthia Nguyen loves being in 3rd Grade at Schneckenburger Elementary. Her favorite classes are math and ELA because of how easy they are but they also present challenges that help her grow in the subjects. Cynthia is always willing to help others and she hopes to continue to do that in her future by becoming a doctor. 

To recognize Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Cynthia loves to share her Vietnamese culture with her friends, especially Chinese New Year. One of her favorite Vietnamese foods is pho because it tastes really good.