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Attorney Ron Austin Encourages WJHS JAG Scholars

Hard work, resilience and determination are just a few of the words that attribute to the success of Attorney Ron Austin. Attorney Austin shared some important keys to success to our Jobs for America's Graduate scholars on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. JAG instructor, Elisa Blanche exposes her students to various members of the community to inspire them. Mr. Austin is just one of many speakers who encourage the students of JAG.

Mr. Austin urged the students to: 

1.Believe in themselves.


3. Have a positive attitude.

4. Make good choices.

On behalf of Vanessa Brown- Lewis, Principal, Elisa Blanche, JAG Instructor, the students of JAG and the entire faculty, staff, and students, thanks goes to Attorney Ron Austin for speaking into the lives and futures of our West Jeff scholars.