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From Authors to Zambia: The Library is ABUZZ With Activity

The school library is definitely the place to be according to our  West Jeff Scholars. 

The year began with a One Book One School campaign sponsored by the library. Faculty, staff and students all read “Aging Out” by author, Alton Carter. Mr. Carter gave an author visit to the school on November 1, 2019 where he gave a motivational address, talked about his  book, had brunch with some of the students, and then did classroom visits. Thanks to Sgt. Richards, Ms, Blanche, Ms. Norris, Ms. Marley, Ms. Trim, and Ms. Carter for allowing their student leaders to attend the assembly. Thanks also to our counselors Mrs. Hobbs- Jamison, Ms. Perkins, Mr. Olivier and Mrs. Coxen-Loud for bringing our students who served as special guests to Mr. Carter to the assembly and brunch. Thanks also goes to Ms. Carmaleta and the maintenance staff for all of their help. 

 The next day, the  library club along with Ms. Richardson, Ms. Hicks, Ms. Norris, Dr. Velazquez, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. I. Washington traveled to the state capitol for the Louisiana Book Festival. There, Mr. Carter received the LTRC book of the year award for Aging Out. Our students cheered him on, and as another kind gesture, he treated them to lunch. The trip was done in part by fundraising efforts.

 Special thanks goes to JAG instructor Elisa Blanche  and her JAG students for helping to raise money for the trip planning and for helping with the author brunch. Community partners, Mr. Gregory Washington of GW Construction and Mr. Terrell Washington  were instrumental in providing and preparing the food for the author brunch. The food was delicious and it made the event a huge success. 

In August, Freshman Orientation took place. The students were allowed to tour the library as they learned about all the library has to offer. Then in September the library held its Annual JPL Library Card Drive. Natalie Juneau, the Teen Librarian and JPL signed up our eager students who later received library cards. 

Numerous projects and visits have taken place. Ms. Norris and Ms. Helmcke’s classes among others had sustained silent reading visits. The students learned how to search the Destiny catalog to find books and other materials of interest. Mr. Howard’s class conducted a research project on the elements. Dr. Camara’s students researched the countries of Africa. Ms. McDowell’s class found information concerning their career choices after doing interest inventories. Ms. S. Williams and Ms. McGowan’s classes reviewed information about copyright and fair use. Mr. Wilson’s APUSH class and Ms. Marley’s African American Literature Studies class learned about using the library’s resources ethically and effectively. The list of visits and their various purposes goes on and on. 

 Banned Books week was also celebrated. Students took mugshots with their favorite banned and challenged books, viewed banned book trailers and played banned books bingo among other things.Teentober was celebrated with book trailers and a hands on tech demonstration by the students of Ms. Burton’s Digital Literacy classes. The students were eager to fuse together Teen Read and Teen Tech Week. Hispanic Heritage month was also celebrated. Special book displays and presentations highlighted the achievements and contributions of noted Hispanic and Latina Americans. 

 On the horizon, the library will lead the way in commemorating Native American History Month and Digital Citizenship Awareness, African American History and Womens’ History commemoration. The Library Book Club will plan field trips to bookstores and libraries and perform a community service project.

 None of what takes place in the library would be possible without the support, guidance, and leadership of Principal Vanessa Brown- Lewis. She knows the integral role libraries play in literacy and learning in the school setting, and goes above and beyond to make sure that the West Jefferson High School scholars have the tools they need to succeed.

Teen Tech and Teen Read Week



Alton Carter Assembly

Elton and Students



Alton Brunch