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Lagniappe Learning

Lagniappe Learning will be located in the green space closest to the STEM labs. It will focus on science, technology, engineering, and math.

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Our first areas are in the process of being installed; the chicken coop, a greenhouse, and raised garden beds. Our flock contains 7 Silkie chicks and 1 Easter Egger chick. We plan on connecting academic curricula to raising chickens. One example of how we plan on connecting curriculum is-math. Scholars will keep data on egg production. Collecting and analyzing data lends itself to lessons in multiplying, predicting, measuring, and counting. Scholars will also become more observant scientists as they monitor the health of the flock and learn about safety and nutrition.


Starting next year, Ms. Harper is starting a Books and Beaks program in the library.There will be a native Louisiana plant/nature garden area for butterflies, and a variety of other birds and creatures. Vegetables, flowers and herbs will be grown in raised beds and given to students and members of the community in need. The gardens and coops will rotate in the Lagniappe Learning section to make the best use of the soil for gardens.


We plan on adding additional resources to teach real world science and important environmental lessons. Lagniappe Learning, our outdoor STEM lab, will also consist of a sundial pedestal area, a meditation/reading space, a rain collection space, recycling bins and a compost bin. Another goal is to add seating and chalkboards.