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WJHS Virtual Senior Prom

Saturday: Senior Prom Prep (ALL DAY) 

When you are finalizing your preparations for big event, please document the process by taking pictures and videos. Submit these to the Senior Google Classroom as you are getting ready to be featured. Use the hashtags: #WJAllMaskedUp2020 and #WJVirtualProm2020 


Saturday: Senior Prom King and Queen Crowning Event (LIVE) 6pm 

Tune in to West Jefferson High School’s Instagram and Facebook page for a LIVE announcement of the 2020 Senior Prom King and Queen. A team from WJ will surprise the new King and Queen at their house for this special LIVE event. 

Saturday: Virtual Senior Prom “All Masked Up” 8pm (LIVE) 

We are so excited to announce that we have a few special celebrity guests that will be stopping by to join your prom. Join us at 8pm for the Virtual Senior Prom. This will be hosted on WJHS Facebook and Instagram LIVE.  While posting during the event use the hashtags: #WJAllMaskedUp2020 and #WJVirtualProm2020