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JP Schools Announces 2021-22 Superintendent's Councils

Jefferson Parish Schools’ Superintendent’s Councils provide stakeholders with a seat at the table to inform and improve decision-making. The district has announced the 91 members of this school year’s councils. These five councils include students, families, educators, principals and community members.

“Every member of our councils have the opportunity to play a direct role in making our schools better,” said JP Schools Superintendent Dr. James Gray. “I look forward to collaborating with these passionate individuals as we explore solutions to issues that matter to the future of our children, our educators, and our community.”

JP Schools held an application period prior to Hurricane Ida and again earlier this month for the five Superintendent’s Councils: the Student Leadership Council, Parent Council, Teacher Council Principal Council, and Special Education Council. You can learn more at

Each council will meet multiple times this school year to help inform and improve decisions being made at the district level. Partnering with families, community members, board members, agencies, and other stakeholders is one of the six priorities outlined in the district’s strategic plan, 2024: The Future Our Kids Deserve.

The members of the 2021-22 Superintendent’s Councils are:

Superintendent’s Student Leadership Council (28 members)

  • Eliaz Alexander, Patrick F. Taylor Academy
  • Kent Cambri, Fisher Middle-High
  • Shirley Castillo, Grace King High
  • Akyra Charles, Helen Cox High
  • Faiza Filali, Haynes Academy
  • Raine Flatau, Thomas Jefferson Academy
  • Silvia Garcia, Riverdale High
  • Adam Ghazzali, Riverdale High
  • Bradlee Gross, Thomas Jefferson Academy
  • Keionna Herrera, Grace King High
  • Robayet Hossain, Haynes Academy
  • Sania Islam, Haynes Academy
  • Allie Johnson , Patrick F. Taylor Academy
  • Bryance Joseph, Helen Cox High
  • Andy Le, East Jefferson High
  • Kelsey Loerwald, Fisher Middle-High
  • Luis Martinez, Riverdale High
  • Tesiya McClary, Thomas Jefferson Academy
  • Sophia Parigi, Thomas Jefferson Academy
  • Ma'Kayla Parker, East Jefferson High
  • Baylee Plaisance, Fisher Middle-High
  • Mahir Rahman, Haynes Academy
  • Alina Richardson, Helen Cox High
  • KaShawn Smith, Grace King High
  • Balseba Tewelde, Patrick F. Taylor Academy
  • Sefanit Tewelde, Patrick F. Taylor Academy
  • Alysia Treece, John Ehret High
  • Shirdariyon Williams, West Jefferson High

Superintendent’s Parent Council (18 members)

  • Heather Palma, Airline Park Academy
  • Thomas M. Brahney, Haynes Academy
  • Michael Bradley Jr, C.T. Janet Elementary
  • Jennifer Theriot, Fisher Middle-High
  • Jamie Lloyd, Thomas Jefferson Academy
  • Kristin Robins, Harahan Elementary
  • Luke McMenamin, Hazel Park/Hilda Knoff Elementary
  • Thomas Ryan, J.C. Ellis Elementary
  • M-Tisha Dillon Hall, Jefferson Elementary
  • Jeremy Miles, Adams Middle
  • Erin Burgett, Kenner Discovery
  • Jatnna Reyes, Lincoln Elementary
  • Kali Shilling, Harris Elementary
  • Donna Apperson, Patrick F. Taylor Academy
  • Jare Gauthier, St. Pierre Academy
  • Monica Prechac, Riverdale High
  • Charlene Ellis, Solis Elementary
  • Carla Davison, West Jefferson High

Superintendent’s Teacher Council (20 members)

  • Gaynell Adams, West Jefferson High
  • Ruth Brewington, T.H. Harris Middle
  • Kristen Burke , Boudreaux Elementary
  • Janae' Camardelle, multiple schools
  • Shelly Cochran, Chateau Estates School
  • Yvette Cresson, Green Park Elementary
  • Benjamin-David Legrand, Clancy/Maggiore Elementary
  • Ravin Edwards, Riverdale High
  • Kelley Henry, Schneckenburger Elementary
  • Noah Jacobs, Meisler Middle
  • Jamie McCloud, Greenlawn Terrace Elementary
  • Meagan Phillips, Pittman Elementary
  • Erica Rosher, Higgins High
  • Mitchell Rothermel, Strehle Community
  • Diana Sittig, Alexander Elementary
  • Johnita Smith , Livaudais Middle
  • Tommacenia Sumlin, Estelle School
  • Leah Weaver, Haynes Academy
  • Matthew Williams, Haynes Academ
  • Sheree Yerby , Solis Elementary

Superintendent’s Principal Council (13 members)

  • Angela Bradley, Dolhonde Elementary
  • Julie Broussard, Bridgedale Elementary
  • Thomas Chaze, Meisler Middle
  • Christina Conforto, Marrero Middle
  • Scott Deemer, Matas Elementary
  • Angelia Grabert, Pittman Elementary
  • Ronda Johnson, Audubon Elementary
  • Sharon Meggs-Hamilton, Bonnabel High
  • Melanie Moore, Helen Cox High
  • Benjamin Moscona, East Jefferson High
  • Christopher Oufnac, Adams Middle
  • Suzanne Pitre, Kerner Elementary
  • Killian Williams-Morantine, Cuillier Career Center

Superintendent’s Special Education Council (12 members)

  • Sarah Aucoin
  • Ariann Arana
  • Ayesha Ayyad
  • Jason Bruzik
  • AnnMarie Dunn
  • Lacey Ellis
  • Joel Halapin
  • Windy Hassan
  • Patricia Houin
  • Jennifer Macias
  • Chelsea Moore
  • Jamilia Trench