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Jefferson Parish Announces 2022 Environmental Award Recipients

group photoThe Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs announced the winners of the 2022 Non-Point Source Stormwater Pollution and Solutions Poster and Essay Contest, as well as the High School Sewer Science Program and the Stormwater Leadership Awards at a ceremony on May 6, 2022 held at the Lafreniere Park Foundation Center in Metairie.

The annual Stormwater Pollution and Solutions Poster and Essay Contest was developed to raise public awareness of non-point source pollution, such as leakage of automotive fluids, fertilizers and pesticides, pet waste, green waste and construction runoff. The contest was open to Jefferson Parish students - third through sixth graders submitted posters, while seventh and eighth graders submitted essays - to depict or describe at least one source of non-point source pollution and potential solutions. Winning posters and essays will be displayed at the Jefferson Parish East Bank Regional Library (4747 West Napoleon Ave., Metairie, LA 70001) for the first half of the summer, then will be moved to the West Bank Regional Library (2751 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA 70058), on June 13, 2022 for the second half of the summer. The winning posters can be viewed online.

New this year, the awards program included teachers who participated in the High School Sewer Science Project. This project is a week-long experiment designed to showcase the process of how the parish cleans and treats sewerage water. The program uses a scientific approach in an effort to increase awareness about water pollution and its impact on the environment. Teachers review the program and provide a hands-on demonstration with Sewer Science equipment.

This year’s banquet also recognized the winners of the Stormwater Leadership Awards. This award honors individuals, businesses or organizations that strive for environmental leadership through programs and actions that improve stormwater quality and/or quantity, thereby reducing the amount of pollution that enters Jefferson Parish waterways.

Student Winners from Jefferson Parish Schools:

  • First Place: Dauyoon Nam, 3rd grade, Metairie Academy; Faye Knight, 4th grade, Metairie Academy; Lyla Le, 5th grade, Metairie Academy
  • Second Place: Caroline Stacey, 4th grade, Kenner Discovery Health Science Academy; Amaris Alexander, 5th grade, Metairie Academy
  • Third Place: Ben Chisholm, 3rd grade, Metairie Academy; Parker Portera-Dufrene, 4th grade, Metairie Academy; India Johnson, 5th grade, Metairie Academy
  • Honorable Mentions: Valerie Martinez - Rodriguez, 3rd grade, Kenner Discovery Health Science Academy; Eden Nguyen, 3rd grade, Metairie Academy; Emily Garcia, 4th grade, Kenner Discovery Health Science Academy; Ahnaf Sarker, 4th grade, Kenner Discovery Health Science Academy
  • Non-Point Source Teacher Winners: Peggy Gaffney, Metairie Academy
  • Sewer Science Teacher Winners: Blake Harwell, Grace King High School; Sarah El Shaal, Helen Cox High School