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Red Ribbon Week Oct 21 - 25

This week, our school will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week.  This is to celebrate drug and bullying awareness. Below you will find each day’s theme and what students are encouraged to wear. 

 In addition, there will be a poster or coloring page contest for all grade levels. 


I have Schneckenburger Drug and Bully Free Spirit.

Wear your Schneckenburger spirit shirt. 

 Red Ribbon Week Monday


You would be “CRAZY’ to do drugs or bully! 

Wear crazy socks and hair!

Red Ribbon Week Tuesday Chloe Red Ribbon Week Tuesday Cassidy Red Ribbon Week Tuesday Library


Our future is “too bright” for drugs and bullying.

Wear your favorite neon shirt or shades.

Red Ribbon Week Wed stage Red Ribbon Week Wed marshall


“Red Day”

Wear a red shirt with your uniform bottoms to show you are drug and bully free.

Red Ribbon Week Thurs kiva


Be on a drug and bully free “TEAM”.

Wear your favorite team jersey with uniform bottoms.                                                                  

 Jersey Day



  • Grades K through 2 will be able to participate in a drug free theme coloring contest.  Coloring pages will be sent home with this letter.  
  • Grades 3-5 can participate in a poster contest to come up with a drug or bully free slogan using our OUTER SPACE THEME.  Students are asked to use a regular sized poster board to display their slogan and drawing.  


Students have until Wednesday, October 25, 2016 to bring in posters or coloring sheets.  Winners will be

selected at the end of the week and be awarded a prize.  In addition their work will be displayed around the



Thank you for all your support,

Red Ribbon Committee


Winners of the Say No to Drugs and Bullying! Posters and Coloring pages:

poster contest Poster Contest Poster Contest Poster Contest Poster Contest Coloring pages Coloring pages coloring pages