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Family Update April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Dear Kerner Families,

We are hoping that you are all well and know that all of the faculty and staff of Leo Kerner Elementary  miss our students very much. We miss the daily routines, the smiling faces, and the opportunities to see your children grow! We wish you all well!

Every teacher has been and will be reaching out to you through phone and email. If you have not been contacted then we may not have your most up to date information. Please reach out to your child’s teacher at their email which can be found here 

Stay Connected / Our Staff. If we do not have your most up to date information in the Parent Progress Center  Student Progress Center  please update the information or contact your teacher and we will update it for you.If you need access to the Parent Progress Center reach out to

Teachers have been posting student work activities on  CLEVER , on our FaceBook page Leo Kerner Elementary School - Home   AND on the Parent Progress Center. Also by sending emails.

We really want your children to remain academically engaged during this quarantine. The teachers are following up to  the work that students are doing in CLEVER and will provide feedback as needed.

THANK YOU to all of our parents that are staying in touch and reaching out for the many opportunities that are available to keep your children academically engaged in their grade level work!

The learning packets are also one way to keep your child engaged and other resources for learning are also available on the district web page  Optional At-Home Learning Resources / Home.

Please keep in touch with your child’s teacher(s) and we hope to go back to “normal” soon!

Thank you,

Suzanne Bordlee