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New Student Registration

nroll in a School

  • 2020-2021 Registration is Now Open

    To register your child, please use the following link 

    The user-friendly registration process allows parents to upload required registration documents. Parents should have the following documents available when they begin the process: 

    1. Birth Certificate.
    2. Final Report Card (except for students entering Kindergarten).
    3. Current state of Louisiana Universal Certificate of Immunization.
    4. Proofs of Residency. (see below)

    Documents presented as proof of residence must bear the name and current legal address of the student’s parent/legal guardian. Acceptable documents (minimum of two (2)) include the following:

    1. Lease agreement.
    2. Current utility bill or deposit.
    3. Copy of an agreement to purchase or an act of sale for completed dwelling.
    4. Copy of an agreement to purchase or an act of sale for a residential lot entered into by the parent/legal guardian of the student, and a notarized statement from a contractor indicating the anticipated date of completion of a dwelling on the lot, said completion date not to exceed ninety (90) calendar days.
    5. Legal document issued by or approved by the Civil District Court for the Parish of Jefferson giving control and custody to the adult(s) if other than the student’s legal parent(s) with whom the student resides, if the student is (16) years of age or under.
    6. Legal documents verifying student’s emancipation and/or legal proof of residence as required.
    7. Legal document issued by or approved by the U. S. Office of Immigration and Naturalization.

    If none of these documents are available, the school principal will allow the parent 15 school days to provide acceptable proofs of residency. 

    If you have any further questions, please contact your school or the JP Schools Compliance Office at 504-365-5312.






    General Registration Information

    To find out your student's assigned school, please use the school/transportation search tool:

    To expedite your student's enrollment, please have the following documents:

    • Two proofs of residence (lease, utility bill, etc.)
    • Your student(s)’s immunization records
    • Your student(s)’s birth certificate(s). A birth certificate is used only for verifying the student’s legal name, date of birth, and the parent’s name. A foreign birth certificate is an acceptable document for verifying the student’s information.
    • Your student(s)’s final report card from the previous school year (except kindergarten)
    • Your student(s)’s transcript from the school previously attended (only for high school transfers)
    • Your student(s)’s custody papers (if applicable)

    You can also view the above information by clicking here for Spanishclicking here for Arabic, and by clicking here for Vietnamese

    Returning Students Who Have Moved

    To find out your student's assigned school, please use the attached school/transportation search tool.

    If your assigned school has not changed with your new address, please contact your school to update your contact information.

    If your assigned school has changed due to your new address, please contact the new school to provide current proof of residency to ensure your child is successfully enrolled. 


    If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact your school directly.

    Registration Information for Specialty Schools/Programs


    Pre-Kindergarten registration is conducted in the spring and summer for those schools with open slots. For more information on the registration process, click here to visit the pre-kindergarten page. If you have already completed an application through Jefferson Child and you still have questions, please contact Penny Williams, Administrative Assistant, at 349-7912. 

    Advanced Study Academies

    Advanced Study Academies (ASAs) are selective-admissions schools that operates under a separate applications process. For more information, please contact Ashley Bowman at

    Magnet Programs

    JP Schools offers magnet programs at selected schools for which students must submit an application. The application cycle for magnet programs occurs in the spring. For more information on programs and schools, please contact Ashley Bowman at

    Charter Schools

    Each charter school has its own unique admissions process.  For more information on charter schools, click here to visit the charter schools parent information page.