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Congratulations Mrs Rogers, Riviere's Teacher of the Year!

Riviere staff members recently selected Ms. Haniford, 5th grade science and social studies teacher, to represent Riviere as our Teacher of the Year! We are so grateful that Ms. Haniford joined us last year after years in another parish. Her experience, expertise, and passion for teaching, combined with her willingness to go above and beyond for her students, providing rich learning opportunities through experiements, hands-on activities, and community partnerships, have positively influened the teachers and staff that work with her. Take a look at a few excerpts from staff members when they nominated her:

"Ms. Haniford has been instrumental in helping me become the teacher I am today.  Her passion and dedication to her craft is most admirable.  Her love and compassion mixed with high expectations are the perfect combination for student growth and mastery.  She quite literally is the definition of teacher of the year: EVERY YEAR!  She is always there to listen.  Always there encouraging teachers and students when they are down/struggling."

"She always goes the extra mile to create exciting lessons for her kids and makes sure to create and/or supplement her lessons as needed to make sure her kids are ready for LEAP and also for life. She is firm and fair. She has very high expectations for her students. She respects and loves her kids and in return they love and respect her."
Congratulations, Ms. Haniford, and thank you for all you do!