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JPS High School Sweethearts

For Valentine’s Day, we caught up with two Jefferson Parish sweethearts - Scott Deemer (L.W. Higgins class of '93) and Shelley Crabtree Deemer (Immaculata High School class of ‘95). The Deemers met in high school through mutual friends, and have been together ever since. Now, they both work as principals at different Jefferson Parish Schools. Scott is the Principal at Rudolph Matas and Shelley is the Acting Principal at G.T. Woods. Read the interview below for their advice for a lasting relationship.

Scott and Shelley in high school

 Photo of Scott and Shelley Deemer young and in love

What was it about your partner that made you know he/she was the one?
Scott: We had and still have many similar interests. I was a baseball player and she was a softball player. We both enjoyed sports, and I had never enjoyed spending time with any person the way I did with Shelley. She's an amazing person with one of the biggest and most generous hearts.
Shelley: There was never enough time with him. I loved being around him, and still savor every second.

What is a favorite memory working in JP together?
Scott: Being able to chaperone the Matas Dance/Pep Squad in the Little Rascals Parade last year with my daughter, who is a member of the Matas Pep Squad and also a Matas student in 6th Grade.
Shelley: Working the Butler BBQ Cookoffs. He's cooking with our friends, while my friends and I are serving the dishes. I love that we can support each other's school events.

How do you keep the spark after all these years together?
Scott: Good grief......LOL. I procrastinate and she's Type A. It’s a heated combination.
Shelley: By trying not to talk about work at home. We try to stay present and in the moment.

What advice do you have for other sweethearts to maintain a strong and healthy relationship?
Scott: Know that times change, finances change and life situations change. What’s important is to always hold it together, trust in each other and know that every situation, no matter how good or rough, is worth going through together.
Shelley: Always put each other first. Make sure your sweetheart knows that they are your number one. Have each other's back.

Shelley and Scott Deemer

Photo of Scott and Shelley Deemer at a festival