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Moscona Teacher of the Year

Please see the announcement Dr. Bradley read over the intercom for our recently naming of our teacher of the year. 


2023-2024 Joseph C. Moscona School Teacher of the Year Award Announcement

Good morning, Cardinals! This morning, I have a very special announcement to make. This past week, our faculty & staff members have been casting votes to decide who will serve as our teacher of the year for the upcoming school year. As always…before we go there, I just wanted to say “thank you” to ALL of our Cardinal teachers who serve our Cardinal students each & every day. We are so grateful for you!

Before I introduce to you our winner, I would first like to announce our teacher of the year nominees. Now, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all a little bit about this year’s winner...

This teacher’s colleagues had the following to say:

This teacher is a kind and dedicated educator who puts students’ needs first. She finds creative ways to make her lessons fun and her students absolutely adore her. She is always willing to help her fellow teachers. She is an absolute inspiration! 

She is always there for anyone in a time of need. She has a positive spirit about not only teaching, but also life. She has all the qualities of an outstanding teacher that many people look up to and admire.

She has a big heart for her babies.

She is a burst of energy, spreading positivity and love with her students, parents, and co-worker. She has a special glow about her and she shares her love with her students and families. The smiles on her students' faces tell it all. Her students and parents love her. We're so blessed to have her as a part of the Moscona family. 

Congratulations to this year’s Cardinal Teacher of the Year - our beloved kindergarten teacher, Ms. Bridges!