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22-23 PreK Information


Ella Dolhonde Elementary School

Prekindergarten Program Information

Our school family welcomes your family to our prekindergarten program!!!  We are so excited that your family will be learning with us throughout the 2022-2023 school year.  The following information should help you know what to do between now and the first day of school.

Before the first day of school you should get uniforms (elastic waist paints and skirts & velcro shoes, purple shirts).  You do not need to purchase any other supplies other than a small blanket or beach towel.  PLEASE DO NOT BUY A SCHOOL BAG.  WE WILL PROVIDE THIS.

Orientation dates are listed below. Orientation time is 8:30 a.m.  You will come in the front door of the school and a student council member with bring you to the auditorium for the orientation session.  Please do not park at the businesses surrounding our school; but, rather in the front or side parking lots of the school.

If your child is a BOY your first day of school will be THURSDAY, AUGUST 11TH, 2022 . 

If your child is a GIRL your first day of school will be FRIDAY, AUGUST 12TH, 2022.

BOYS WILL NOT COME TO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 12TH .  Boys and girls will both come on MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH, 2022.

Your child will stay the full day on both of these days. Uniforms should be worn for this day and moving forward.  The uniform is the purple prek shirt worn by all prek students parish wide with navy bottoms (shorts, long pants, skirts or jumpsuits). Please make sure there is an elastic waist band.  No belts please.  Please get velcro shoes.  For safety purposes during our physical education classes, as well as, other outdoor activities, your child must wear tennis shoes each day. 

Lunch - If you don’t want your child to eat our school lunch, please send them with lunch.  You may see our menu calendar online to help determine if you want your child to eat school lunch.  We will not be able to heat anything so please plan accordingly.

You or another adult will come with your child on the first day for our orientation session.  At this time you will be given a handbook with important information and will need to fill out PREK paperwork.  Please be prepared to stay at least one (1) hour.  Once the orientation is over we would be happy for you to visit your child’s room and meet our assistants. 

Please be prepared to pay the $45.00 supply fee on the day of orientation.  You may pay with cash, check or online.  The supply fee pays for a mat for your child to rest on, a school bag, a communication folder and other supplies that we use in the classroom.  The students will rest each day.  Please send a blanket (even for their first day). 

Thank you for choosing Ella Dolhonde Elementary for your child’s education.  We will help them to develop into lifelong learners and great community citizens.