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Google Assignments From RHS Teachers Available

RHS teachers are posting one assignment per week for each class to Google Classroom. These optional assignments are in addition to the assignments made available by JPSchools via Plato; our goal is to limit the interruption students will experience from their regular classes. 

Some Google Classrooms are already operational, others are being created; assignments will be posted by 8 am each Monday. Refer to this list for Google Classroom Codes. Please note that this list may not be all-inclusive, as some Google Classroom sites have already been set up. If a teacher's Classroom code is not available on this list, please contact that teacher directly. Email addresses can be found on the Contact Us page.

Students can also request their usernames and passwords by clicking this link.

We encourage you all to do your best during this very difficult time. The coursework assigned in Clever/PLATO and Google Classroom is intended to help you all engage in academic work while at home. We highly recommend that you work through the assignments, pace yourself, and do what you can. If you need help with anything, you can contact your teacher or an administrator.