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Proposed School Board Redistricting Maps Now Available for Public View

Please note: School Board member redistricting would not, in any way, impact school attendance zones and would not affect where a child attends school. However, it may change which School Board members represent your voting district.


The Jefferson Parish School Board will consider School Board reapportionment/redistricting at the regularly scheduled school board meeting on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. The links below include the maps under consideration by the Jefferson Parish School Board. A comparison of the various alternatives for stakeholders to analyze the impact of an expansion of representatives (9 to 11) on minorities as a whole and each minority group discreetly is also linked below.



In order to ensure Board members have time to review before the June board meeting, stakeholders are encouraged to submit their feedback by May 31. If you would like to provide feedback or input on reapportionment/redistricting, please complete this feedback form or email your School Board member. Contact information is available on our website. 


(updated 5/31/22)

Why is the Jefferson Parish School Board considering School Board redistricting / reapportionment at this time?

Louisiana law La. R.S. 33:1411 provides a mandatory six month timeframe after the official release of the census for all parish governing authorities which provide for the election of its members from wards, districts, or other subdivisions to examine the apportionment plan of its body to determine if there exists any substantial variation in the representation of the election districts and then adopt an ordinance by a majority of its members to either (1) declare its apportionment to be equitable and continue its existing apportionment plan or (2) provide for a new apportionment plan.

The law further provides that the boundaries of any election district for a new apportionment plan shall contain whole election precincts established by the parish governing authority under La. R.S. 18:532 or La. R.S. 18:532.1 (La. R.S. 33:1411(C)), unless certain exceptions apply. Additionally, municipalities who are elected by districts, school boards, and city councils shall each examine their respective voting districts under their current apportionment plan to determine whether or not there is a substantial variation. At that time, they will adopt an ordinance either confirming their voting districts are equitable or providing a new plan.

What is the Jefferson Parish School Board?

The Jefferson Parish School Board is an independent legislative body created under Louisiana Revised Statute 17:51. The School Board has the power to make rules and regulations for its own government consistent with the laws of the State of Louisiana and the regulations of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, and to levy taxes and collect revenues through state-approved means.

In Jefferson Parish, a Board of Education (Board) district means a geographic area in which an elected member of the Board must live. In Jefferson Parish, there are nine resident-district members of the Board. Each Board Member serves a term of four years, and the terms are concurrent. 

Would redistricting affect where my child attends school or what my child's school zone is?

No. If the Board chooses to expand the number of districts, there will be no impact on school zones. For maps of current school district zones, please see this page.

Would redistricting affect the student population at schools?

No. If the Board chooses to expand the number of districts, there will be no impact on school populations.

Would redistricting affect the number and location of school facilities?

No. If the Board chooses to expand the number of districts, there will be no impact on the location or number of facilities.

What are the differences between the maps?

For a comparison of the three proposed maps to the current School Board district map, please see this document.

I am having difficulties opening the maps. What can I do?

Try refreshing your browser or choosing another web browser as a first troubleshooting step. If you are still not able to see the maps, please email