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Message from Dr. Brumley: January 2020

Progress reports are as common to school life as pencils and erasers. Schools provide families with regular updates on how their child is doing, and here in Jefferson Parish Schools we want to provide our families with regular updates on how our system is doing. We recently released our own “progress report” for how we fared in 2019 on the goals outlined in our 2024 strategic plan.

Our numbers are up in almost every area. You can view the full 2019 Progress Sheet here. Here are some of the highlights.

  • We saw our first increase in four years on our District Performance Score as awarded by the Louisiana Department of Education.
  • We were able to retain 92% of our top-rated teachers - thanks in large part to the educator pay raise millage that was passed by voters.
  • More students are graduating as our cohort graduation rate increased by nearly two points.
  • Our students are earning nearly 10,000 hours of eligible college credit a year through programs like Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment.
  • Our Workforce Ready students nearly tripled (1,628) and the Career and Technical Education credentials our kids earn almost doubled (7,444).
  • JP Schools was one of only eight districts in Louisiana to maintain its average ACT composite score.
  • More students are entering 10th grade sufficiently credited.
  • Total student discipline referrals are down.

I want to thank our nearly 7,000 employees who are putting in hard work every single day to do this job and our nearly 51,000 outstanding kids.

It’s important that every citizen of Jefferson Parish sees this good work we are doing together. Everyone can play a role in our success. It’s simple. When you are talking with your friends and family, share this good news with them. Although we are always going to have concerns, problems, and areas where we can do better, we are moving the needle for kids. We’re focused on kids first and we’re being smart and strategic about what we do. We’re winning in Jefferson Parish Schools, and the best is yet to come.