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Message from Dr. Brumley: October 2019

In Jefferson Parish Schools, we exist to provide the education our students deserve to succeed in life and make our world a better place. To keep that promise to our children, it’s not enough that they simply graduate from high school. They must do so ready for a career or college.

I’m proud to report that the Class of 2019 saw a 62% jump in the number of career and technical education (CTE) credentials earned by our students. The Class of 2019 earned 7,444 credentials compared with the Class of 2018 who earned 4,578. These industry credentials certify that our kids have the skills to enter the workforce in a variety of fields.

This remarkable increase does more than just put us over halfway to our goal of doubling the number of CTE credentials our kids earn by 2024. It means that more of our students are graduating high school prepared to take that next step in life.

It’s my opinion that career and technical education has gotten a bad rap over the years. If you think CTE is “just an easier way to graduate for kids who can’t go to college,” then you need to take another look. Regardless of their path after high school, CTE is for all students. Not only are more of our students earning Industry Based Credentials through our CTE program, they are earning them in high-demand, high wage fields like engineering, medical, automotive, computer technology, and digital media.

With the help of leaders in business and industry, we’re continuously auditing our CTE programs to make sure we’re focused on the career fields and the high-need skills that are in-demand. As industries evolve and job markets shift, we are making sure what our students learn reflects those realities.

Our strong ties with local professionals has led to paid internships for our students. Many of our CTE students have jobs waiting on them after graduation - and even before - thanks to the Industry Based Credentials they are earning in our schools.

And most importantly, these credentials serve as a bridge to even greater opportunities for our students after they graduate. We’re working with industry professionals to make sure the credentials our students earn serve as the foundational first step to advance their skills in college or a trade school.

By the end of next year, nearly six in every 10 jobs will require some type of education beyond a high school diploma. The work we’re doing to enhance career and technical education in Jefferson Parish Schools will ensure our students are prepared to excel in the high-demand, high-wage jobs that will move our community forward.