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Student Voter Registration to be held on Wed, Sep 28th

We know that after graduating high school, our students will take what they learn in class onto college, the workplace, the military and into our communities. It is our goal to prepare them. One of the easiest ways to get them involved in becoming engaged citizens is to register them to vote.


As part of 2024, registering to vote is one highlight of our Graduate Profile. Like we have in years past, Grace King High School, in partnership with the Jeremiah Group, will host a Student Voter Registration Drive. Next week, each high school will participate in the Fall 2022 JPS Student Voter Registration Drive.

  • Eligible Students will be provided a Voter Registration Form.
  • Eligible Students include:
    • Those who are U.S. Citizens.
    • Those who are Louisiana residents in the parish in which they want to vote.
    • Those who are at least 17 years old by October 11, 2022.


  • Students will follow along with a video on voter registration, provided by JPS, with instructions to complete the Voter Registration Form.
  • The Jeremiah Group Representative(s) will review the forms while on campus for accuracy and any student needing to correct any portion of the form will be called down to meet with the Jeremiah Group Representative(s).
  • Students must have the following information when completing the Voter Registration Application:
    • Their Full Name 
    • Their Full Address
    • Their Date of Birth, City, State of Birth and Parish/County of Birth 
    • Their Mother’s Maiden Name 
    • Their State ID/Driver’s License Number