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GK Electronics Policy for 2022-2023 Academic Year

GK CrestGrace King High School 

Electronic Device Policy 

Dear Grace King High School Students and Families, 

Electronic devices such as cell phones, earbuds, AirPods, headphones, and smart watches are to be off and out of sight and banned for student use during school hours. 

During class, students may NOT use their phones for calculators, checking the time, reading a book, checking their grades, or for any other reason. A medical reason to use a cell phone may be allowed per a 504 or health plan, with prior approval. Phones will not be allowed during P.E., changing of classes, or lunch. Students will NOT be allowed to use phones in the hallway or restroom. 

We understand it is difficult to feel out of touch, and parents may call the front office to relay messages to students. Some of the difficulties we face with hundreds of cells being used by students include the possibility of: 

  • Students taking videos and pictures of other students in the bathroom and posting on Snapchat (child pornography/voyeurism) 
  • Students watching movies in class 
  • Students continually taking out their phones in PE and in locker rooms 
  • Students taking pictures in the classroom of other students without permission and posting to social media (cyber-bullying) 
  • Students taking pictures/videos and posting on TikTok 
  • Students participating in group texts during the school day that make fun of other students and teachers 
  • A large number of students logging onto the Wi-Fi, causing interference with instruction and state assessments. 

As a reminder, for safety reasons hooded items, (hooded sweatshirts or jackets/coats with hoods) hats, caps, beanies, and ski masks rolled up are not allowed to be worn at school. Students may only wear plain black, green, or yellow, gray full-zipered jackets without a hood. The only approved printing will be the Grace King High School logo or an approved GKHS team or club emblem. A Grace King iron-on patch ($3.00) can be purchased from the GK Spirit Shop. No bonnets or do-rags are allowed in any buildings. 

Students may only bring clear or mesh backpacks or handbags at school, but small cosmetic-sized bags up to 5.5″x7.5″ are allowed for privacy. 

A full description of the consequences for not following approved GKHS policies are available in the student expectations guide and/or on the website. 

Thank you for your support as we strive to educate your child in a safe environment that is free from distractions. 


Grace King Administration Team