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Graduation 2021 Dress and Behavior Expectations

We are delighted to announce that Grace King will hold graduation for the class of 2021 on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 10:30 AM at the Ponchartrain Center. We want all of our graduates to enjoy this milestone in their lives, and have given the following information to our seniors at the recent class meeting.


Dress Expectations for 2020 Graduates:


  • Graduates may wear only black, flat, enclosed dress shoes. 
  • Dresses must be no longer than the hem of the graduation robe. The white insert must be used if the dress can be seen over the top of the robe. 
  • If slacks are worn, they must be black. 


  • Graduates must wear a white dress shirt and black tie.
  • Graduates must wear black dress slacks. No jeans.
  • Only black dress shoes may be worn. No tennis shoes.


Graduates may NOT bring any bags or purses into the building. Graduates may NOT alter or add to their Grace King graduation regalia. This includes decorating their hats. Any graduate who alters or adds to their regalia will not be allowed to walk. 


Graduation Ceremony Expectations:

  • Cell phones should be placed on “vibrate” or silent during the ceremony.
  • Family and guests are expected to remain seated for the entire ceremony and are prohibited from leaving their seats in order to take pictures or talk to graduates.
  • Masks must be worn upon entering the Ponchartrain Center and until exiting after the ceremony concludes.
  • Beach balls, fog horns, signs, and balloons are strictly prohibited by the Pontchartrain Center.  You may bring flowers; however, flowers will also be available for purchase on site.
  • We want to respect each graduate and their guests by ensuring that their name is heard. We believe every name should be heard when the graduates are called. Please remain quiet during this time. 

Please contact Ms. Ostroff or Ms. Sullivan should you have any questions.