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November 2020 Family News




                   Leo Kerner Elementary School


4924 City Park Drive

Lafitte, LA 70067

(504) 689-4136

FAX: (504) 689-7666




Dear Leo Kerner Families,


     I wish everyone a safe week. School has been closed for tomorrow. Please refer to the email from the JPSchools Communications Department for more information about virtual learning on Wednesday the 27th. 

This has been a very unprecedented year with the weather and Covid-19. Thank you for your continued support!  A shout out for the faculty and staff for keeping afloat and remaining positive during these trying times! Our motto is “Just keep swimming!” and we will.  We are all in this together for our students.


A few calendar updates and reminders: 


Calendar Notes:   Updated JP Calendar

  • We are still celebrating Red Ribbon Weak:
  • Week of October 26th is Red Ribbon Week 

Monday- “Sock it to Drugs” wear crazy socks day with tennis shoes

Tuesday- “Hats off to Drugs” wear a hat day (may decorate for drug free theme)

Wednesday- “Proud to be Drug Free” wear a red shirt with sleeves (may decorate for drug free theme)

Thursday- “Crazy About Being Drug Free” Crazy hair day (no hair color change)

Friday- “Boo to Drugs” wear your Halloween shirt with uniform bottoms and shoes


  • Thursday, October 29 - Virtual students return 


  • Sunday, November 1- Fall Back time change
  • Week of November 2nd- Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences. Please email your child’s teacher(s) if you would like for them to reach out to you for a conference. They will be available for phone calls during their planning periods, before, and after school.
  • Tuesday, November 3- No School -Election Day
  • Wednesday, November 4- Report Cards go home

  • Thursday, November 5- NIGHT! From 4:00-8:00 pm. Tell them you are from Leo Kerner School for SPIRIT NIGHT !! 
  • Thanksgiving holidays are Wednesday, November 25th - Friday, November 27th. Students return to school on Monday, November 30th. 

With the return of virtual students I will reshare these notes from previous parent letters from July, August, and September. Please read carefully. 

  • Our new school hours are 7:45 - 2:35. Students will be allowed on campus starting at 7:15.  
  •  All students are to enter through the front doors for temperature check.
  •  Main entrance door “A”- first and second grades will enter here.  Exit door “B” – Pre-K and K will enter here.  Through the breezeway gate near the cafeteria “C”- 3rd, 4th, & 5th  grades 

 As per the Jefferson Parish transportation policy, students may only ride the bus that they are assigned to ride as determined by the address they are registered in J Campus. The same behavior expected in school is expected on the bus.  Behavior on the bus is also tied into the Positive Behavior Plan. THERE WILL BE NO BUS CHANGES THIS YEAR. IF YOUR CHILD RODE A DIFFERENT BUS LAST YEAR THIS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

             Some buses may have to run double routes to adhere to social distancing. Students 

              on late arriving buses will not be marked tardy and will receive their grab and go 

              breakfast. Bus drivers will be contacting you prior to the beginning of the school year. 



Morning cars will stay in the library parking lot until called. Buses will unload first.

· Cars are to follow the bus loading and unloading driveway. Form a single line and pull all the way to the first pole at the end of drive labeled #1. We will load and unload seven cars at a time. Do not stop in the middle of the drive and hold up the line. Please use a paper or white paper plate to display your child’s name on the dashboard for carpool in the afternoon.


Face Coverings

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), students are required to wear a mask or face covering while on the bus, in classrooms, and common areas. Coverings must be worn over the nose and mouth and secured under the chin.  Bandana scarfs or ski masks may not be worn as a mask or face covering
  • All employees and students are to wear face coverings at all times  (excluding breakfast/lunch). 
  • The face covering must properly cover the nose and mouth to under the chin. A shield is NOT allowed in place of a mask. 
  • The face covering may be any pattern or color and may have child-friendly graphics appropriate for school. Face coverings may NOT have words or slogans. The face covering should be labeled with the child’s name. A monogram of the child’s name is allowed. 
  • The face covering should be cleaned each night or a different, clean face covering used each day. 
  • A child will not be penalized for taking off the face covering but will be redirected to put it back on. Employees will have positive incentives for students who are wearing the face covering properly. 
  • It is recommended that children and adults practice wearing the mask and talking with the mask. Some masks fall off the nose when talking, so that mask would not be a suitable option for school. 
  • If your child is frequently adjusting the nose/mouth area of the mask, it is not the proper fit for school. 
  • Faculty and staff will teach students about the importance of masks including these most important points: how to properly put on and remove masks, touch the mask only by the ear straps not the nose/mouth portion, how to store the mask correctly when needed, the importance of washing the mask each night. 
  • Children are wonderfully adaptive! Please speak about the face covering in a positive and encouraging manner. If the parent presents the covering as a burden, that’s how the child will respond. 


All students and employees are to sanitize hands: 

  • When entering and exiting the building 
  • After each restroom visit 
  • Before and after lunch 
  • Desks and other items including school supplies and computers will be sanitized frequently.
  • School supplies will not be shared. 
  • Water fountains will be closed to students. 
  • Students are to bring a filled water bottle each day. Be sure the bottle is LABELED with your child’s name, has a leak proof lid, and is insulated well resulting in minimal condensation. Like the face coverings, bottles should have graphics appropriate for school and NOT have slogans or words.
  • Recess/Free Play/PE:  Students will be limited in moving from one activity to another during recess/free play. The teacher will assign recess stations before students leave the classroom. Students are to stay at the assigned station for that recess period. Students will get the option to rotate stations the next day. 

Temperature Checks/Health Screenings/Symptoms Requiring Exclusion

  • Temperature checks will occur daily for all students, employees, and visitors on campus. 
  • Students, employees, or visitors with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (99.4 degrees Fahrenheit when using a temporal thermometer like the one we will have) will not be allowed at school. 
  • Parents are not to give fever reducing medications before sending a child to school. 
  • Students or employees exhibiting one or more of the following symptoms will not be allowed on campus according to the screening process developed by the district: shortness of breath, cough (not related to underlying condition), vomiting/diarrhea. Additionally, students and employees will not be allowed on campus if two or more of the following are present: rash, runny nose, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, facial flushing. 
  • Students and employees will not be allowed on campus if they have been in close contact with someone who has covid-19. Close contact is less than 6 ft for 15 minutes or more. 
  • A nurse or designated trained personnel will conduct and document the screening before deciding a child or employee cannot be on campus. 
  • A nurse or designated trained employee will explain to individuals who cannot be at school what the readmission criteria are as outlined by the district. 

There will be a designated area for any student or faculty that has a fever or exhibits any of these symptoms. 

Visitor Policy: 

  • Visitors  will only be allowed on campus when conducting pertinent school business that cannot be done electronically or by phone. 
  • When a visitor rings the bell, the office staff will ask the need of the visitor. It is possible that the office staff will decide not to admit the visitor into the office if staff determines that the business can be conducted in another manner or is not urgent. 
  • A drop box will be outside of the building if you need to drop off pertinent papers.
  • Visitors may be asked to stand outside to wait for assistance or may be asked to return home to conduct the business virtually or by phone. 
  • To avoid any inconvenience to families, it is strongly recommended that a parent call or email the school office for assistance with school-related business BEFORE coming to the school unannounced. 
  • All meetings with school staff must be scheduled in advance and will be conducted by phone or virtually whenever possible. A visitor requesting an unannounced meeting will not be allowed in the building, but the office staff will schedule a phone conference for the next available appointment time. 
  • The office staff will allow a parent or designated person to check-out a child in the front office. The visitor will have to enter the office wearing a mask and will have a temperature check. 
  • A parent may NOT drop off any forgotten items including lunch or class materials in the front office. All students receive lunch from the cafeteria, so no child will ever go without lunch. 
  • In the case that visitors are allowed on campus for pertinent business, visitors must complete a form  including recording the temperature check and must wear a face covering while on campus. 

Grouping and Hallway Movement: 

  • Students will remain in static groups while on campus. That means that every effort will be made to keep children from mingling with students who are not in their homeroom group. 
  • Ancillary teachers will report to student classrooms to limit movement in the hallways. 
  • Stickers on the floor in the office and cafeteria will remind students, employees, and visitors of where to stand to maintain social distance. 
  • Classrooms will have uniform movement patterns. 
  • Students in classrooms will have extremely limited movement and should primarily remain in desks. However, teachers will take more frequent breaks during instruction to allow students the movement they need. 
  • Student desks will be spaced as far apart as possible and will face the same direction. 
  • Cooperative instruction will be limited inside the classroom, but instruction will be altered to allow for outside activities and social distancing. 
  • Restrooms will be assigned to certain grade levels and restroom breaks will be structured but frequent. Please alert the office immediately if your child has a medical concern that requires more restroom breaks than the average peer of that age. Please talk to your child daily about actually going to the restroom during the breaks the teacher provides. 


  • Students will eat lunch in classrooms at their assigned desk or socially distanced in the cafeteria.
  • Only students needing cafeteria lunch will go to the cafeteria. 
  • Sanitizer will be provided before lunch. 
  • Students are to wear masks while getting lunch. Once back in their seat, the mask will be safely removed.
  • Students will wait in the lunch line socially distanced according the markers on the floor. 
  • Lunches will be served by the cafeteria staff in containers. 
  • Breakfast and lunch will continue to be free. 


Child Care:  (at this time child care is full due to lack of child care staff)

  • Child care prices will remain the same. Child care hours are 6:45 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
  • The child care registration form is available on the school web page. 
  • Students in grades 1st-5th will have a required one hour homework time Monday-Thursday. 

Students will remain in static groups that will rotate daily. Staff will provide activities to engage students.
Parents are to pack snacks in a zip lock and clearly label “child care snacks”. 


Additional  Notes:   

Refer to the Start Strong Jefferson Full Plan 7.20.20 in addition to this handbook

  • We will start each day with reminders about safety and hygiene. 
  • School Bucks will no longer be used this school year. The new program is called TRA and more information about this will be shared at a later date.
  • The school supply list is available on our school website.   School supplies will not be shared.