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October Grade-Level Blogs

Kindergarten News

Our Kinders have been working hard this school year!  They are doing a great job with procedures and we are moving through our lessons with ease!

In our Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) curriculum, we are learning our letter sounds and are already learning how to segment and blend CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words!

In CKLA-Knowledge or Reader’s Workshop, we have already read many nursery rhymes and completed a unit on the 5 senses. We are now beginning to read fiction stories.  We are identifying who main characters are, learning how to describe them, and compare them to other characters we’ve read about. We’re also learning to retell what happens in a story by using these cues; somebody (character), wanted (What did the character want?), but (What stopped them/problem?), so (What did the character do to try to solve the problem?), then (the conclusion).

In writing, we practiced our writing strokes and are working on letter formations!  We are also learning all about how to recall details from the text we read and write about them. We are using our sound cards to help us spell and pictures to show what we’re writing about.

In our Eureka Math curriculum, we are learning different ways to compose (build or make) numbers 0-10 and how to write those numbers.

We are looking forward to our first field trip that is scheduled for Oct 7 (Ferrygood & Smith) & Oct 8 (Bozzelle & Hydes).  We will be going to Serendipity Pottery!

1st Grade News

First grade has been a big and exciting transition for our students!

We've jumped into the start of our year with a review of sounds and tricky words taught in Kindergarten. We establishing a solid base for our reading skills so we will be ready to tackle those new first grade sounds in words starting in the second 9 weeks.

Our Knowledge curriculum had us exploring the human body and we learn more about non-fiction texts and building our comprehension skills over the last few weeks. We ended our unit with a visit to Kisports in Elmwood! There, students were able to practice being healthy by getting LOTS of exercise. This week, we start listening to fairy tales and folk tales from around the world. We're listening for how these tales are similar and different from each other, as well as developing an appreciation for cultural differences.

In our Eureka Math curriculum, we are building fluency! We have been steady practicing our addition fact fluency and applying those skills to helping us solve word problems, including those with a missing addend, or as we like to call it, a "mystery box". We are moving along to making the connection between addition and subtraction and solving subtraction word problems.

In our Science and Social Studies rotations, we are currently focusing on Animal Survival in our STEM Scopes curriculum. The student love engaging in the "explore" stations and activities that help them generate their own ideas and understanding about our anchor phenomena, or guiding question.

We are making connections in writing throughout all of our subject areas! (YEP! In math too!!) Students are working hard on answering questions and restating the question to give a complete sentence. Of course we're also working on sounding out to spell, using finger spaces between our words, starting sentences with uppercase letters, and ending with the appropriate punctuation mark.

2nd Grade News

Second grade has been working hard adjusting to the new school year. We are looking forward to our first field trip to the Audubon Zoo on October 4th.

This month in CKLA Knowledge, we are focusing on the domain: The Ancient Greek Civilization. Students will learn about Sparta and Athens, the gods and goddesses of the ancient Greeks, and the philosophers Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato.

In CKLA Skills, we are focusing on reading decodable stories in the Unit 2 reader, Bedtime Tales. Students will also begin to write short narratives and practice using contractions and quotation marks.

Science and Social Studies will continue to alternate every two weeks. This month in Science, we will finish Scope 3: Diversity of Living Things. We will focus on changes to the land when we return to Science at the end of October. In Social Studies, we will learn about famous explorers. The following week we will learn all about presidents and patriots.

We are looking forward to a great school year ahead! Please be sure to check out the October calendar for important dates.

3rd Grade News

We are off to an awesome start! We have been busy learning all kinds of new stuff in 3rd grade.

In Math, we have been learning our multiplication facts. Parents, please help your child continue learning their multiplication facts. You may want to make flash cards for them so they can practice accuracy and speed. In ELA, we are learning the essay writing process and have started to write essays. We will have little authors before you know it. We attended our first field trip to the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour. A special "Thank You" to our 3rd grade parents who chaperoned.

4th Grade News
Fourth graders are eagerly anticipating our first field trip to the AMC Movie Theater (on September 27th) to view the movie "Overcomer".  The movie matches our school theme of kindness, perseverance, and growth mindset!  
In ELA for the month of October, we are wrapping up our Hurricane unit.  We are eager to begin learning about the American Revolution.  In this unit, we will learn how America won its independence.  Will will have a lot of class discussions and debates.  In Social Studies, students will engage in a unit discussion on "How can conflict and compromise change a nation?".  We will discuss tension between the Colonies and Britain, Independence and Freedom, and the Constitution.  In Science, we will continue our second unit "Changes over Time to Earth's Surface and Resources".  We will cover the changing land, plate tectonics, and renewable/nonrenewable resources in Science.  For Math, we will move to Eureka Module 3 which is on multiplication and division.  We will begin with multiplication of up to 4 digits by single digit numbers, multiplication of 10, 100, and 1,000, and multiplication word problems.  
Please check our school calendar for some very important dates this month, including Fall Break, Report Cards coming home, and Fall Fest.  We are looking forward to a wonderful month!

5th Grade News
Whew! August and September was a tough one. We accomplished a lot already and the students are finally getting the swing of things. Open house was a success and so was our meet and greet! 
In ELA, our students are learning about the Planets and how to become a scientist. Our first field trip to Rivertown really helped them focus on how large our Universe really is! 
In Social Studies, we are studying what it takes to be a civilization and in Math and Science, there are a ton of interesting experiments and number work.
We have a quick break coming up in October along with Fall Fest to look forward to.
Keep it strong parents and we will have the strongest year yet!

Special Education News
The special education teachers have started the school year off full speed ahead. Our teachers are working really hard to provide their students with the tools, resources, and rigorous lessons they need for success while collaborating with the general education teachers weekly.

Field trips have begun. The teachers and students always enjoy these times together making the best of memories. Our first graders went to Kidsports while our older grades headed off to Rivertown. Second grader are off to the zoo October 4 th . They’re so excited to visit the new lion exhibit. On a
different note, second grade students are learning some really cool facts about Early Asian civilizations, while fourth grade is learning about hurricanes. Our third graders are loving Cajun folktales. As for our fifth grade they are reading Templeton Twins and learning decimal place value.

We will continue to send out the blue jay folders on Wednesday so please make sure they are signed and sent back along with the test papers. Thanks to all the parents that are utilizing School Bucks. Class Dojo is still a great way for communication. Our teacher’s emails have changed. If you have not received that new email address at this point please get with your child’s teacher for that.

P.E. News
Happy Fall to the BlueJay Family from the PE Department!

We are so excited to welcome all our Bluejays back to CT Janet!!!!

The CATCH program is full swing! CATCH stands for Coordinated Approach to Child Health. Our program aims to impact the messaging our students receive in physical education class, the lunchroom, the classroom, and at home to influence healthy choices not only here at CT Janet, but for life!
Two of the most important ways that CATCH creates behavior change are by enabling children to identify healthy foods and by increasing the amount of
moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) children engage in each day. Our health education curriculum uses terminology for identifying healthful foods -GO, SLOW and WHOA- that has been adopted nationally as a simple means of labeling food’s nutritional content. We will have much more about CATCH throughout the year. Look for updates! We look forward to working with the entire CT Janet family to ensure a healthy year and future for your child!

Our upper grade levels 3-5, have been completing the FitnessGram tests along with collaboration and cooperation activities. Lower grade levels PreK-2, have been working on cooperation, listening, following directions and skill assessment. We look forward to working with our Bluejays this year to help encourage, guide, support to make this a positive and healthy 2019-2020 school year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your PE coach!