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Student Spotlight: Will Allen, Bonnabel High


Will Allen is a Class of 2021 graduate from Bonnabel High

What do you enjoy most about coming to school?

I like learning from my teachers and spending time getting to know students on campus.

What is your favorite subject and why?

Math! Mrs. Higgins really made it fun for me and helped me gain a better understanding of the subject.

What is something interesting about yourself that you would like people to know?

I am very interested in cooking. I love watching Master Chef.

What position do you play in basketball?

I play forward.

What awards have you received for playing?

I made All-district, District MVP, First team All-state, LSWA 5A Player of the Year, LHSBCA 5A player of the year, LHCBSA All-Star.

Do you consider yourself a leader at school? If so, why?

Yes, being a student athlete, we should all be leaders on campus. A lot of teachers use me as an example in class and on campus.

What was the best thing about your senior year?

Making an “A” in math was something I never imagined was a possibility entering high school. Also signing a full basketball scholarship to Louisiana Tech.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Playing professional basketball but if that doesn't work out, I would like to do something in the sports training field.

How has Bonnabel prepared you for your future?

Bonnabel really helped me get out of my shell. I wasn't this social coming into high school. The teachers and staff really helped me become the total person outside of basketball.