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Teacher Spotlight: Amanda Kihnemann, John Ehret High School

Amanda Kihnemann

Amanda Kihnemann is a Digital Media Teacher at John Ehret High School

Amanda says her class makes students well rounded individuals by giving them real world experience. She is happy to bring something new to her students and prepare them for careers.

What makes teaching so rewarding?

There are so many moments that make teaching rewarding. Reaching those students that can be difficult to reach, and you see that light bulb go off when they get it. That is what it is all about!

How do you remember all of your students’ names?

Honestly, I'm just good with remembering student names. I just know I would want my teacher to know who I was, so I want to give that same respect to my students. 

What is your spirit animal and why?

I think my spirit animal would be a peacock. They are vibrant and colorful, and I feel like my classroom and personality would resemble that.

What is your favorite emoji to use?

The "crying laughing" The 'tears of joy' emoji is the worst of all – it's used to gloat about  human suffering | Abi Wilkinson | The Guardianor "purple heart" Purple Heart Emoji (U+1F49C) .

What’s your favorite dish from the cafeteria?

When I was in school, I loved the square pizza!