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Transformation Story: Tom Benson School

In the spring of 2018, JP Schools leaders created a Transformation Network designed to rapidly improve student outcomes in the district’s most challenged schools. Stronger results created from thoughtful, strategic approaches are what the students, families, and communities deserve. These are their stories.

"Beginning with the end in mind, we backtracked and identified all of the things that need to be in place in order for there to be quality student engagement." - Tom Benson Elementary Principal John Starr.

The Transformation Network Schools are:

  • Cherbonnier/Rillieux Elementary
  • Emmett Gilbert School of Excellence at Ford
  • Gretna Middle
  • Granville T. Woods Elementary School
  • Isaac G. Joseph Elementary School
  • Livaudais Middle School
  • Terrytown Elementary
  • T. H. Harris Middle School
  • Tom Benson School
  • Harry S. Truman Middle School
  • Woodmere Elementary School
  • Stella Worley Middle School