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JP Schools Boosts Early Literacy With the Help of Dawnbusters and Rocky the Rooster

Rewards for Reading

Rocky the Rooster Through our partnership with Dawnbusters Kiwanis, we’re excited to continue our Rewards for Reading program and introduce Rocky the Rooster to excite and encourage our youngest learners to read. In honor of the program’s success, the School Board made Rocky the Rooster the official JP Schools mascot.

Why a rooster? Chickens in a flock trust the rooster to seek out food and communicate with them. A rooster is a leader. Rocky is not only a leader, but he is a superhero our children identify with. You can see his superhero qualities in his message: “Read today, lead tomorrow. Read to succeed.”

With Rocky’s help, JP Schools will be a leader and set the example for early literacy in the state through community engagement and the Rewards for Reading program. Through this program, the more books a child reads, the more chances s/he has to win a prize. Dawnbusters Kiwanis partners with local businesses and organizations to provide the prizes.

We are piloting Rocky the Rooster resources in some of our elementary schools this year, including coloring books to spark imagination and ignite the curiosity of reading in our young students.

If you are a local business or organization that would like to get involved, please contact Sal LaRock with Dawnbusters Kiwanis by telephone at 504-452-0658 or by email at

For more resources to help your student with reading at home, visit our Reading Resources page.