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Request Instructional Model Changes for 2nd Nine Weeks

Due to recent progress with response to COVID-19, JPPSS is requesting parents to select one of two instructional formats for their children: Face-to-Face Instruction or Virtual Instruction. Hybrid Instruction will not be available during the 2nd marking period; therefore, parents of all students who are registered for Hybrid Instruction must complete the form.

Forms, located on the website and sent via email, must be completed by October 19, 2020. Please complete one form for each child who is changing instructional format from 1) hybrid to face-to-face, 2) hybrid to virtual, 3) face-to-face to virtual, 4) virtual to face-to-face.. If your child is not changing instructional format - there is no need to complete this form. Students will begin their new instructional format on October 29, 2020.

Click here to change or update your child's instructional model for the 2nd Nine Weeks.