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Hope all is well and that you find this message in good spirits. I am reaching out via email to inform you of a feeding program that can potentially benefit our adopted schools. Our Avondale community is in need of food for large families. Many breadwinners have died due to the virus, parents are unemployed, and money for food is tight. Knowing this, we have partnered with a local feeding program, legal offices, and others to put on a “Free Food Distribution Giveaway” at my church. This event will take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 11am-1pm. While we will not turn down anyone in need, our primary goal is to feed 400 kids within the two-hour period. We are prepared to distribute packaged breakfast and lunch for children under the age of eighteen. I kindly ask that you aid us in getting the word out as this is a much needed answer to the food drought in our Avondale community. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and I pray that you and your families remain safe and out of harm’s way.



Pastor Darold A. Ingram, Jr.

Senior Pastor/ Teacher

Mount Hermon Baptist Church

3512 US Hwy 90

O: (504) 436-8062

F: (504) 436-8066

"Building Families For Christ"