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School Report Card Release


The 2019 School and District Performance Scores released by the LDOE reflect student outcomes for the 2018-19 school year. Every year, schools and school systems in Louisiana receive report cards with school performance scores and corresponding A-F letter grades. The report cards communicate how well schools are preparing students for the next grade level by examining student performance measures, like how students score on state assessments, how many students are graduating each year or how many students are earning early college credit. Over time, the state has raised the bar for each of these measurements. The report card also details how well schools are helping students, regardless of where they start at the beginning of the year, progress toward mastering key concepts and skills.

 I’m pleased to announce that Fisher Middle-High School’s Performance Score grew by 6.8 points and that we maintained our “B” rating with an overall SPS of 87.7.

 The full report card can be viewed at

Our report card score would not be possible without the dedicated support of our teachers, staff, students, and families. Go Gators!