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2nd 9 weeks Virtual or In-Person change

2nd Quarter Virtual to In-Person or In-Person to Virtual Instruction Form and Information

2nd Quarter Virtual to In-Person or In -Person to Virtual Form

  • Any student requesting a change from virtual to in-person or in-person to virtual must complete the 2nd Quarter Virtual to In -Person or In -Person to Virtual Form below. 


  •  If a student is not making any changes, he or she does not have to fill out the form. 


  • Change requests start October 5,2020 and end October 19, 2020No changes will be made until October 29, 2020, and we must have the form to complete the request. 

Forms can be completed from 9am-12pm on Monday -Friday in the school’s main office or on-line.

Click the link below and complete the form ONLY if you are requesting a change for the 2nd Quarter.

2nd Quarter Virtual to In- Person or In-Person to Virtual Form

or download and Print