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New Procedures for John Ehret High School

John Ehret families, 

Our sole purpose for our students at John Ehret High is to ensure that we provide them with the best education possible. We want them to leave here being productive citizens, and as a school, we have a history of doing this. 

The majority of our students contribute to a positive and safe school culture. However, there have been some recent events that require us to amend our procedures and policies to ensure a better learning environment.

We want to provide you with more details about the changes we are making. Beginning Tuesday, September 17:

  • Arrival: For student safety, all students will be checked upon arrival for ID, approved uniforms, and bags.
    • Team bags and equipment must be turned in, including flags and batons. 
    • Hoodies, unauthorized pullovers, hats, bandannas and head-scarves will be confiscated.
    • Confiscated items can be retrieved every Thursday at checkpoint A or B between 2:40-3:30 p.m.
  • ID Badges: Ehret is the largest high school in the state, and there is no way for every staff member to know every single student. While that is ultimately our goal, we need to be able to easily identify what students are ours.
    • Students must wear ID badges visible in the chest area all day.
    • Temporary badges will be available and students will be charged $1 to their student account.
    • For students not wearing ID badges, a verbal warning will be the first reminder. The second reminder will result in a detention.
  • Tardies: Tardiness reduces the instructional time of the student who is late and also interrupts the class s/he is coming into, resulting in a loss of instructional quality and time for all students. Students and parents are reminded that all students must officially check in each morning or upon their arrival at school. Students must report to homeroom/2nd period at 7:20 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 7:20. If students arrive after 7:20 and are not excused, they must report to the Attendance Office in the 900 Building to check into school. This will count as a “school tardy.” Failure to check in properly may result in loss of academic credit in classes and/or disciplinary action.
    • Students are tardy if they arrive to class after the tardy bell rings.
    • After this time, students MUST have a check-in slip to enter class.
    • For 1st period unexcused tardies:
      • 1st offense-5th offense results in a lunch detention (a no show will result in an after-school detention)
      • 6th offense results in an after-school detention
      • Starts over at 7th offense
    • For unexcused tardies in periods 2, 3, or 4:
      • 1st offense results in an after-school detention
      • 2nd offense results in an in-school suspension
      • 3rd offense results in an out-of-school suspension
  • Restrooms: To maximize instructional time and ensure minimal disruption for all students, we will begin a new restroom policy. 
    • Students will be allowed five bathroom passes, per semester, per period.
    • Restrooms will be open before school and at 1st, 2nd, and 4th periods. 
  • Grade-level Assemblies: We will begin holding grade-level assemblies to discuss behavior expectations.
  • Positive Behavior System: We want to acknowledge our students who are showing positive behavior. We will make some changes to our current positive behavior system to help improve school safety and promote positive behavior. 
  • Visitor Expectations: At John Ehret, we respect one another. Visitors, including parents, will be expected to act appropriately and respectfully to one another and school staff while on the school campus.

We believe these changes will increase the opportunities for student learning and create a safe and positive school culture. We are glad to be your partners in this work together, and we appreciate your cooperation as we work to ensure opportunities for every one of our students.

John Ehret Administration