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Teacher of the Year

We have a very special announcement to make. For the past couple of weeks, our faculty & staff have been casting votes to decide who will serve as our TEACHER OF THE YEAR for the upcoming school year. But before we go there, we just wanted to say “thank you” to ALL of our teachers who serve our Cardinal students each & every day. We are so grateful for all that they do to help our Cardinal students reach success! 

According to the criteria, a model teacher of the year displays outstanding leadership qualities in inspiring, engaging, and motivating others, A model teacher of the year demonstrates leadership, excellence & expertise in teaching, respect for students & colleagues, and promotes a positive classroom culture. 

And now, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you all a little bit about our winner...

  • Coworkers say that this person is always willing to take time out to help others.
  • This person is very involved with many different school activities and extra jobs around campus.
  • Coworkers say that this person is an amazing teacher and friend!
  • This person is always there to offer help, support, and laughter!
  • This person is understanding, kind and loving to children.
  • This person is very dedicated and energetic.
  • Students say that this teacher rocks!

On a personal note, Mrs. Bradley smiles every time she hears  this person’s laughter echoing through the hallways! This teacher is such a bright, shining light in the lives of others! 

On behalf of our Ella Dolhonde school community, we are so very proud to introduce to you our 2022 Teacher of the Year:

Mr. May!