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Superintendent's Message: November 2021

Dear JP Schools Family,

As we enter a season of thanks, I do so with great appreciation for our teachers, support staff, administrators, families, and community partners. Our district has made great progress over these last two years despite encountering several adverse circumstances. We were among the first school districts in the nation to resume in-person learning amid the pandemic and have managed to continue conducting in-person instruction. Additionally, we were able to reopen all our schools within a month after encountering Hurricane Ida, a catastrophic category 4 hurricane.

One of the primary reasons these achievements have been possible is due to our teachers. Our teachers have no doubt been the foundation for learning. Teachers have provided structure and stability for our students during very uncertain times and continued to make a difference in the lives of our children.

In an effort to support our teachers, I encourage everyone to go vote on November 13. Residents of Jefferson Parish will have the opportunity to vote on a teacher millage renewal that funds current teacher salaries. This election is a critical vote for Jefferson Parish that presents an opportunity to secure our current teacher workforce. This millage renewal is not a new tax and comes at no additional costs to taxpayers. It is simply an opportunity to support our teachers, and better our parish as a whole.

The meaningful work that our teachers, faculty, and staff do every day is both impactful and appreciated. Their influence on the next generation lends to a hopeful future for all our children. In addition, the work that we do collectively as a community helps to advance our district, and I’m sincerely grateful for all of those who help advance our district.

Dr. James Gray