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April 2024 Jefferson Journal Superintendent's Message

Dear Jefferson Parish Schools Family,

I hope this message finds you well. Each day’s challenges and victories remind us how vital every community member is to shaping our students’ futures and our parish’s success. In that spirit, I am reaching out about an upcoming opportunity that will greatly benefit our schools and the education we provide to our community.

On Saturday, April 27, Jefferson Parish residents can vote on a renewal millage dedicated to funding operations for Jefferson Parish Schools. This millage is not a new tax but a renewal of the commitment we made back in 2004.

This millage renewal represents approximately $28 million in annual revenue that our school system relies on to maintain its basic operations. It's an investment in our facilities, programs, and, most importantly, our people. As Louisiana's largest and most diverse public school system, we have a unique responsibility to provide an equitable, high-quality education to all students. The renewal of this millage will be crucial in our continued ability to fulfill this mission. This is not a new tax. Homeowners will not incur any additional costs from what they pay now on this millage. 

For the average homeowner of a $150,000 home, the renewal translates to an ongoing investment of about 14 cents a day or $51 a year — a modest sum when measured against the vast benefits our schools and students receive in return.

Good schools are the cornerstone of a thriving community. They not only serve as the groundwork for educating our future leaders, innovators, and citizens but also play a key role in enhancing the quality of life in Jefferson Parish. The impact of our schools extends far beyond classroom walls.

For more information about the millage renewal and what it means for Jefferson Parish Schools, I encourage you to visit Your informed participation is essential as we strive to ensure the future our children deserve.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication to our students, our schools, and our community. Let's continue to stand together in support of the bright future we all believe in for Jefferson Parish.

Warm regards,

Dr. James Gray
Jefferson Parish Schools