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11/11 Update - Bruin Brief

11/11/20 10th Edition: The Bruin Brief

10/19/20 9th Edition: The Bruin Brief

10/8/20 8th Edition: The Bruin Brief 

9/9/20 6th Edition: The Brun Brief - Family Edition - Updates and Expectations

9/1/20 5th Edition: The Bruin Brief - Family Edition - 1st days update

8/29/20 4th Edition: The Bruin Briefs - Family Edition - *****1st days of school procedures*****

8/13/20  3rd Edition: The Bruin Briefs - Family Edition Information concerning 2nd round of device pick up days and times. 


8/10/20   2nd Edition: The Bruin Briefs - Family Edition


 Please read the first installment of The Bruin Briefs - Family Edition by clicking the link. This document contains information concerning the opening of school.  Visit often for more updates. 


We would like to stress how important it is to have all students CORRECT contact information on file with the school, much of our information will be pushed out via JCampus communication which needs correct emails and phone numbers, such as this Bruin Brief which was send via text message.  Please log into your JCAMPUS portal to make sure we have you and your family's correct contact information, phone numbers and emails.   

If you need help accessing your Student Progress Center, please do not hesitate to call school to ask for assistance during school hours.