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December 2022 Support Staff Spotlight

Alicia Rivas

Alicia Rivas
ESL Paraprofessional

If you could pass any wisdom to your students, what would it be?

  • “That they can achieve any goal that they want, despite their doubts. ”

What did your 15-year-old self think you would be doing as a career?

  • “I always knew I wanted to be in education as a career ever since I was little. Growing up, I would play school at home. "

What motivates you to do your best at your job?

  • “I would say the students, I treat them like they are my own so I want the very best for each and every one of them.”

Have you ever completed anything on your bucket list?

  • “Yes, I actually wanted to go to the Galápagos Islands and I finally went. It was amazing, the views are something I have never seen before, I even jumped into the Pacific Ocean despite my fears. So it was a fun time.”

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

  • “I am very much in between, but once I'm in my comfort zone, I can do whatever you need me to do.”