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Support Staff Spotlight: Sarah Keller, T.H. Harris Middle School

Sarah Keller is a Food Technician at T.H. Harris Middle School

Sarah Keller
Why did you decide to become a food technician?
I have always liked dealing with kids, but I know that all children do not receive a full meal at home. Making sure they get one is close to my heart.

What would you say is the most enjoyable part of your day?
I love serving them and seeing them run into the cafeteria for food. They always come in so excited.

Why is it important to provide students with nutritious meals?
Some kids depend on these meals, this may be their only meal. When they eat breakfast and lunch, they are more alert in the classroom. If a child is hungry and thinking about their next meal, their mind is not on their education. It makes me very happy to provide them with food and get something in their system.

Food always brings people together, but how do you build relationships with students?
I am always very open and greet them with a smile, so I feel over time I build a trust with them. Some kids come to me and ask questions or advice. They know if they are having a problem, they can talk to me. I also know most of them by name which shows them that I really do care. The kids are also not afraid to speak up and tell me if they like a meal or don’t like a meal which I encourage. I tell them to let me know so that we can make things more to their liking.