• Library


    The T.J. Library is getting closer to opening since the last of the shelves were just constructed. We have $31,000 of new books that we've been processing over the past few weeks with the help of several wonderful students! We are hopeful that the library will be open and ready for business in the near future.

    The library is so much more than books!  You can hang out and play board games with your friends or make new friends.  Interested in learning a new hobby or discovering a hidden passion?  The library has Makerspace resources such as: American Sign Language cards and books; a scarf/hat loom and yarn; cookbooks; crochet and knitting yarn, books, hooks, and needles; sidewalk chalk; and origami paper and books.  Not sure what to try?

    We want the library to be a relevant and integral part of your life here at Thomas Jefferson.  To achieve this, we do need your help.  Do you know something that will make the library better?  Share it with Ms Matthews by putting your suggestion in the Treasure Chest.  Is there a book or series you are interested in but we don't have one?  Put the suggestion in the Treasure Chest.  The only way we will know there is a need is if you share it with us!