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  • Academic Games is a competitive sport that tests students’ minds and skills. Local schools get together and play 5 different games throughout the school year, to then participate in a national tournament and compete for the trophy. In Academic Games, our students try to outthink their opponents or wait for their opponents to outthink themselves.







    Alyssa Bertucci



    Julie Ngo



    Angelina Nguyen




    Alyssa Bertucci

    Cydnee Evans

    Christina Hoover

    Mengviseth Khoun

    Ricky Nguyen

    Vivian Nguyen

    Andy Rubio

    Daniel Tran

    Anh Thu Truong

    David Vo

    Harrison Vo

    Justin Xiao



    Haley Augustus

    Shammah Boiteux

    David Guzman

    Aiyanna Laieke

    Haylie Loyd

    Diana Martinez

    Julie Ngo

    Angelina Nguyen

    Nina Ovalle

    Leilah Pozo

    Vivian Ramirez

    Kalab Smith

    Rose St. Felix

    Demario Struiken

    Mary Tran

    Lily Van

    Leslie Caleb Williams



    Karli Aguilar-Burst

    Eric Bedell

    Jessica Chan

    Lindsey DeGraw

    Gerald Hebert

    Vinh Mai

    Jenny Tran



    David Nguyen

  • Academic Games Schedule



    September 27, 2019 - Propaganda

    November 8, 2019 - Linguishtiks

    December 13, 2019 - Equations

    January 31, 2020 - On-Sets

    February 21, 2020 - Presidents

  • Academic Games Supply Store


    Academic Games maintains a Supply Store on Campus in Ms. Sumera's room.  There is no need to fight the crowds to purchase your student's school supplies - have them shop at the Supply Store!  Ms. Sumera coordinates with the teachers to try to have whatever a student may need.  And the Supply Store is open the entire school year. No more last minute runs to the store for poster boards for projects!  Students may pay with cash, a check made payable to "Thomas Jefferson High School", or save yourself time and purchase "TJHS Supply Bucks" for your student online at www.MySchoolBucks.com.  All proceeds from the Supply Store benefit Academic Games.

Price List for Jaguar Supply Store