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Our Mission

  • At Strehle, our mission is to educate at risk students in a non-traditional, safe, and supportive environment where they can develop intellectual, social, and emotional skills to succeed in life and make the world a better place.

Our Vision

  • Strehle Community School will be a nurturing, safe and professional environment that builds character, competence and confidence within each student and prepares them for academic, social and emotional development and success.

A note from our Principal, Nicole Jackson:

  • Nicole Jackson, Principal             

    A Place Where Opportunities Are Given,” correlates directly  to the quote, “All things are possible.”


    As a community, Catherine Strehle strives to  provide a holistic approach to student progress and success that will lead students to become thriving      contributors to our nation and our world.


    Because Strehle is a place where opportunities are given, anything is possible!

    - Nicole Jackson, Principal