Academic integrity is an important part of our mission. Students are responsible for learning and upholding ethical and honest standards of research, writing, and assessment in all academic areas.  Written or other work which students submit must be the product of their own efforts.  Academic dishonesty, which includes cheating, plagiarism and other forms of dishonest or unethical behavior, is prohibited.

    Please make sure that all paper/project directions and grading rubrics are specific in stating the manner in which sources can be used and cited.  We must carefully distinguish between true cases of plagiarism and mistakes in making citations.  

      • First Offense – Notify the assistant principal to make sure that this is the student’s first offense. The student will receive a zero on the assignment.  Complete the Academic Dishonesty Letter.  Have the student and an administrator sign the letter, and give the student a copy to take home.  The parent should sign the copy, and the student will return it to you.  Once you receive the signed parent copy, please return it to the assistant principal. The student will then be given a revised version of the assignment (where applicable) and allowed to resubmit for a grade no higher than a B.  If the student does not return the letter within 3 days, please notify the assistant principal immediately.

      • Second Offense – Same as the first and a mandatory parental conference will be held.

      • Any subsequent offense – The student will receive a zero on this assignment.  Complete a referral in JCampus. The reason code should be ACADEMIC DISHONESTY – MAJOR.  Notify the Dean of Students.




    School computers are available in classes, the library, and the computer lab for student use.  Students are only allowed to use computers for internet research. Students are never to employ communication software such as Facebook, Snapchat, My Space, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail, or other software from the school computers.

    School computers are for educational use. Students are not allowed to download music, pictures, or videos, unless this is part of a class assignment.  Failure to comply with this expectation will result in banning use of computers at school, which can adversely affect class assignments and/or student grades.


  • Band/Chorus Dept.

  • ELA Dept.

  • Math Dept.

  • Physical Education Dept.

  • Science Dept.

  • Social Studies Dept.

  • Special Education Dept.