• Attention all Parents and Employees,

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    Covid Safe Program Poster

    Covid Testing Program Information


    Weekly screening and symptomatic testing for COVID-19 helps keep students, employees, and
    their families safe and healthy. It also keeps school administrators and parents informed about
    the health of the student body and helps our schools stay open. In cooperation with the
    Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), Jefferson Parish Schools (JPS) will continue to offer free
    COVID-19 testing to our students and employees, at each school site, in addition to an easier
    and more effective incentive program for the 2022 - 2023 school year.

     Starting October 24, 2022, you will need to register or re-register for the JPS COVID
    testing program using the new link or QR code below. With this permission, the JPS
    student or employee can participate in COVID-19 tests weekly or as needed, provided at
    your school—free of charge.

     During registration, the parent/guardian of a minor, the adult student, or the employee
    will provide consent to test and an address that the Safer, Smarter Schools program will
    use to send an incentive card.

     Eligible participants who test ten times between August and December 2022 will qualify
    for a gift card with a minimum dollar amount of $100.

     Participants will be able to continue in the program and test ten (10) times from January
    until May 2023—still free— to qualify for another incentive card.

     Incentive cards will be mailed out only twice during the 2022–2023 school year, once in
    December 2022 and once in May 2023.

     The more you test, the more chance you have for more incentives!

     IMPORTANT!! Please make sure your address is correct in the registration portal since
    this is the address where the incentive card will be mailed. If your address changes,
    please update your address in the same CovidSafe registration portal to assure the
    incentive card is mailed to the correct address. Once you receive an incentive card, you
    will need to activate it by calling the number on the card.

    The goal of Jefferson Parish Schools and the LDH Safer, Smarter, Schools program is to keep our
    schools and communities healthy. Thank you for helping to make that happen. For any
    question regarding this program, please contact your school nurse.

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    Covid Safe Program Poster

    Covid Testing Program Information