Mission & Vision

  • Westbank Community School will provide a meaningful and measurable learning experience for students who have not been successful in traditional school settings. We are committed to providing individual behavior support that includes academics, counseling, and family support. Our goal is to return our students to their traditional school environments to become productive, confident, and contributing members of their communities.

Our Principal

  • Scott Robichaux Scott Robichaux


    Letter from our Principal

    Westbank Community School is a carefully designed journey to prepare students for traditional school and beyond – academically, socially, physically, and emotionally through the student support system. K – 8th grade students are undergoing more extensive physical, mental, social, moral, and emotional changes than possibly at any other time in their lives. Attitudes, morals, and values developed during these years can largely determine their later behavior. Westbank Community School strives to continuously refine our program to best meet the special needs of this particular age group.

    Our goal is to prepare students in a highly challenging, nurturing and supportive environment. We strive daily to provide a safe and nurturing academic environment constantly supported by mentoring and the guiding hands of professional educators, social workers, para-educators and supportive families.  All children deserve to have the very best schooling we can give to them. It is our goal to support every child holistically. Our use of technology provides each child access to reading and math compensatory programs; and high quality assessment. Data is collected daily but more importantly, it is analyzed and instruction is redesigned to target very specific learning needs.

    It is a pleasure to work with all of our students as they begin their educational journey to being college and career ready


    Scott Robichaux, Principal


  • Bell Schedule:

    7:55 – 9:oo am 1st Period
    9:02 – 10:02 am 2nd Period
    10:04 – 11:04 am 3rd Period
    11:06 – 11:36 pm Lunch
    11:08 – 12:39 pm 4th Period
    12:41 – 1:41 pm 5th Period
    1:43 – 3:00 pm 6th Period/Decompress Time
    3:00 pm Dismissal