Mission & Vision

  • MCT Vision:

    Our vision is that MCT will foster the best-educated generation that the school has ever seen.

    We are committed to raising academic achievement by raising the bar, putting students first, and making faster, wiser decisions that will help our school meet the needs of all students.

    At Myrtle C. Thibodeaux Elementary School we will ensure high academic achievement for all students to eliminate the achievement gaps between races and classes by preparing students to be globally competitive citizens sustainable beyond the classroom. At Thibodeaux Elementary we will provide a consistent teaching and learning environment that focuses on academic excellence for all children. One Mission. One School. One Team.


    One Mission. One School. One Team.

    • All children deserve a high-quality education that develops their unique talents and builds upon their individual strengths.
    • All children can learn, a belief confirmed by recent growth in student performance.
    • Children’s academic success should not be determined by their race or socio-economic background.
    • All children deserve excellent teachers who provide personalized instruction that will allow students to perform at a basic level or above.


    Our History…

    Myrtle C. Thibodeaux Elementary, formerly known as Westwego Elementary School,  is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, in Westwego, Louisiana. The school’s name was recently changed in 2009,  in honor of Mrs. Myrtle C. Thibodeaux, the first principal of our school, who recently passed away. Our school mascot is the Wildcat. Thibodeaux Elementary has been in existence since 1940, and several generations of Westwego families have attended our school. The school services approximately 380 scholars in grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Thibodeaux offers classes for the academically gifted, talent: art and drama and special education: self-contained and/or inclusion. Serving the scholars of the Westwego community academically and socially is the number one priority for all stakeholders of the Myrtle C. Thibodeaux family.

Our Principal


  • School Hours:
    9:00 AM – 3:50 PM

    Late Take-In:
    11:30 AM – 3:50 PM  *11:00a student drop off