Mission & Vision

  • Meisler Middle School Vision:

    The Meisler Middle School community will create a safe and positive instructional environment, both in person and online, that promotes high academic, social, and emotional growth for all students. Meisler Middle School Mission


    Meisler Middle School Mission:

    The Meisler Middle School community will strive to provide high quality online and in person instruction designed to support student growth towards meeting individualized academic, social, and emotional goals in the 21st century college and career ready world. 



Our Principal

  • Countdown to the Beginning of the School Year!

    We are all working hard to get ready for the upcoming school year! Our office is now open. Please call us from 8a.m. to 3p.m. if you have any questions, as we are still unable to welcome our families inside the building. Important information regarding the beginning of the school year will be posted soon.

    We look forward to a successful school year and we are so excited to welcome back our students, we missed you all so much!

    ¡Todos estamos trabajando duro para prepararnos para el próximo año! Nuestra oficina ya esta abierta: por favor llamenos de la 8a.m a la 3p.m. si tiene alguna pregunta, ya que todavia no podemos permitir que nuestras familias entren al edificio. Pronto se publicara informacion importante sobre el comienzo del ano escolar.

    Esperamos un ano escolar exitoso, y estamos muy contentos de dar la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes, los extranamos mucho a todos y todas!