Mission & Vision

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    Mission Statement

    The mission of Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies is to provide an exemplary learning center that encourages students and staff to actively discover, integrate, and apply knowledge in a dynamic, global, and technological environment.


    At Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies, we envision a school in which the community, staff, and students are committed and have an opportunity to contribute, learn and grow. Haynes strives to be a school where everyone feels valued and respected. Above all, we want a school where students are proud to attend and parents are proud to send their children.


    In October of 2004, Haynes Middle School became Haynes Middle School for Advanced Studies, the first magnet middle school in Jefferson Parish. In May 2006, it became Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies. By adding one upper grade each year Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies is now a full high school educating students in grades 6 through 12. The class of 2010 will be the first class to graduate from Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies.

    Our principal, Karla Russo and her dedicated staff have made Haynes Academy the overwhelming success that it is today. Haynes has been designated a Five Star School by the Louisiana State Department of Education. It is the first school in Louisiana to become a member of the National English Honor Society our chapter is the Tennessee Williams Chapter. Our Academic Games Teams have completely dominated local competition and have had great success at the National Tournament. In the last three years, Haynes has won a total of 10 national titles in the Math and Propaganda games. Haynes has also won 2 overall National Championships. Also the Haynes Academy Robotics, Engineering and Quiz Bowl Teams are on their way to distinguishing themselves as some of the brightest young minds in the New Orleans area. Haynes Academy has come a long way in the first two years of being a Jefferson Parish School System magnet school, but we have just begun to show what our students and faculty are capable of accomplishing.

    Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies has had a long, rich history. It was established in 1909 by the Jefferson Parish School Board and named Metairie Ridge School.

    • By 1912, the original wood-framed, one-room schoolhouse had an enrollment of 54.
    • In 1929, a large brick facility was completed on the present site with grades one through twelve and the named was changed to Metairie High School.
    • When East Jefferson High was completed in 1955, Metairie High became Metairie Junior High. Mr. Vernon C. Haynes became the principal.
    • During the 1968-69 school year, the two story structure on Metairie Road, which had served the school for 44 years, was torn down and replaced with the present single-story building. In 1969 the school became Metairie Middle School.
    • On November 22, 1974, at a dedication ceremony held in the school gymnasium, the name was changed again to Vernon C. Haynes Middle School in honor of the former principal and a distinguished educator, and in November of 1995, Vernon C. and Gilda P. Haynes Middle School.

    The core business of the Jefferson Parish Public School System, a learning organization, is to design engaging, challenging, and satisfying work for every student, every day.

Our Principal


  • Regular Schedule Hours:

    7:20 a.m. - 2:40 p.m.

    Early Release Schedule Hours:

    7:20 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.

    Middle School

    • Bell Rings 7:15
    • Homeroom 7:20 - 7:28
    • 1st Period 7:32 - 9:00
    • 2nd Period 9:04 - 10:32
    • Lunch 10:32 - 11:32
    • 3rd Period 11:36 - 1:04
    • 4th Period 1:08 - 2:40


    High School

    • Bell Rings 7:15
    • Homeroom 7:20 - 7:28
    • 1st Period 7:32 - 9:00
    • 2nd Period 9:04 - 10:32
    • 3rd Period 10:36 - 12:04
    • Lunch 12:04 - 1:04
    • 4th Period 1:08 - 2:40


    Activity Schedule 

    • Bell Rings 7:15
    • Homeroom 7:20 - 7:28
    • 1st Period 7:32 - 8:47
    • 2nd Period 8:51 - 10:06
    • 3rd Period 10:10 - 11:25
    • Middle & High Lunch 11:25 - 12:10 
    • 4th Period 12:14 - 1:29
    • Activity 1:29 - 2:40


    Early Release Schedule

    • Bell Rings 7:15
    • Homeroom 7:20 - 7:28
    • 1st Period 7:34 - 8:29
    • 2nd Period 8:33 - 9:28
    • 3rd Period 9:32 - 10:27
    • 4th Period 10:31 - 11:26
    • Middle & High Lunch 11:26 - 12:10